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COVID-19 Replacement Kit

A new temporary kit

As a needed precaution for some customers in COVID-19 crisis, we have created the COVID-19 Replacement Kit. This kit is used for customers we can’t reach during the situation we are facing and needs help with their oil mist detector systems. This is a special offer from us, only delivered in occasions when we are not able to supply authorized service personnel due to COVID-19 infection regulations. Each case of this replacement kit has it’s own reference number and are made especially from case to case. Contact person for COVID-19 Replacement Kits are Mr. Yngve Nilsen at or +47 92 46 32 20.

The COVID-19 Replacement Kit is made per order, and contains:

  • A complete exchange oil mist detector system.
  • Pressure regulator modification kit.
  • Smoke test kit to make final functionality test of the pipe system and oil mist detector installation.
  • U-tube manometer and slacked water to adjust negative pressure to 60.00mmWC.
  • Step-by-step documentation to ensure correct installation and testing.

See more about the kit here!

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