Recommended Maintenance Plan – VN/87 EMC

The recommended routine maintenance schedule has to be followed as described below. Valid for gas operation with TPS turbo charger, stationary power plant application and marine engines. NOTE: All maintenance steps should be performed while engine is stopped!

Procedure 1
  • Check the negative pressure with u-tube manometer or digital manometer. Adjust if necessary! Setting level is 55.00 – 65.00 mmWC!

Every month or 650 engine running hours – whatever comes first!

U-tube gauge kit – Part no.: 270532

Procedure 2
  • Replace the sintered bronze air filter/fresh air filter in the measuring head.
  • Clean the fresh air bores in the measuring head. Use the cleaning needle.
  • Clean both infrared sensor glasses in the measuring head with cotton pins and cleaning fluid.
  • Perform functional test with test glass kit.

Every 3 months or 2 000 engine running hours – whatever comes first!

Filter kit VN/87 – Part no.:151481BU

Cleaning kit – Part no.: 151482

Test glass kit – Part no.: 11072

Procedure 3
  • Replace filter in pressure regulator.

If you have a water separator:

  • Replace filter cartridge of water separator.

Every 6 months or 4 000 engine running hours – whatever comes first!

Filter cartridge – Part no.: 273119


Procedure 4
  • Replace complete service kit on OMD. Clean the inside & outside of base plate.
  • Check performance of pressure regulator- replace parts if necessary!
  • Clean suction pipes/ pipe system and siphon blocks with compressed air!

Every 12 months or 8 000 engine running hours – whatever comes first!

Yearly maintenance kit for:

VN 115/87 – Part no.: 100150-151483

VN 116/87 – Part no.: 100151-151484

VN 215/87 – Part no.: 100152-151485

Procedure 5


Use Authorized Service Personnel (ASP) for this procedure.

  • Authorized service personnel will perform an inspection of complete OMD installation. Condition of measuring head to be checked and replaced if necessary!

If not possible to use ASP, alternatively do as follows:

  • Replace exchange unit set and clean all necessary parts. Replace filter and check pressure regulator performance, replace unit if necessary. Clean suction pipes/pipe system and siphon blocks with compressed air and fill siphon blocks with oil! Check all sampling funnels positions and make sure they are firmly attached. Tighten all connections and make final functional test with smoke ampulla kit through sampling funnels to ensure there are no blockage in the pipe system.

If ASP is not possible, contact us for exchange unit set at: or phone: +47 92 46 32 20!

Every 48 months or 32 000 engine running hours – whatever comes first!

Exchange unit set:

VN 115/87 EMC – Part no.: 10600-1EXP

VN 116/87 EMC – Part no.: 10700-1EXP

VN 215/87 EMC – Part no.: 10800-1EXP

Smoke ampulla kit – Part no.: 151780-1

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