Bearomos 2020 Bearing Monitoring System

The sensor is a novel monitoring system for oil-lubricated sliding bearings that detects the transition from sliding to mixed friction.

The BEARing MOnitoring System, available since September 2019, convinces above all with these features:

  • Early recognition of the transition from sliding to mixed friction.
  • Use of the physical principle of the “Seebeck effect”
    (voltage generation by “Metal on Metal”).
  • Easy to install sensor.


  • Online monitoring of auxiliary/propulsion engine’s main bearings.
  • Reliable detection of bearing anomalies.
  • Minimizing engine maintenance cost.
  • Due to different physical principle much faster reaction time than other systems.
  •  Easy installation, also as retrofit.


  • The supplied software uses the sensor signal to display the status of the monitored bearings.
  • Together with the speed detected by the sensor, it is possible to make a statement about the status of how the bearing is running: hydrodynamic friction or mixed friction.
  • Bearing status is displayed as a bar graph (green<->yellow).
  • Long-term trends can be shown.
  • Records the last transition from hydrodynamic friction to mixed friction with date, time, duration and revolution speed.
  • Continuously monitors communication between software and sensor via LED indicator.
  • Screenshots can be taken of current display.
  • Possible to export the current data content from the graph to a CSV file.
  • The transition from hydrodynamic friction to mixed friction and vice versa can also be displayed as an average over time.
  • There is a visual status indicator, if threshold value is exceeded.

BEAROMOS®2020 has been developed in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University and was financially suppoerted by the ZIM-programme («Central Innovation Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises»).