SRS Maintenance

A new intranet model that will provide better support for your systems

Engine Protection Partner AS, as part of Schaller Automation Aftermarket- have the SRS system. SRS means in clear text: Service Recall System! This means that we register your oil mist detector systems onboard, serial number and on which engine they are installed on. When this has been registered, you will have following advantages:

  • When an Oil mist detector requires the regular maintenance, you get a Service Reminder when it should be carried out, what parts to be changed and Step-by-Step instructions how to do the maintenance.
  • If you have technical issues on the OMDs, we will assist you by phone or email 24/7 in a best possible way- as we have all necessary information and historic information about exactly your systems onboard. All technical support is free for our SRS users.

According to our class, we are obligated to acquire information about the oil mist detector systems we supply in the marked. All the information stored in the system will be 100% confidential, and will not be shared with any parties. This information is strictly used internally in Engine Protection Partner to ensure that the systems we supply are as good of service as possible.

Schaller Automation Visatron Oil Mist maintenance and service OMD