Additional Visatron models

Visatron VN/93 model

Over the years Schaller Automation has created and supplied the world with a range of different generations of Visatron models. Below you will find some additional Visatron models that have not been mentioned in previous posts. One current generation, the Visatron VN/93 generation, and one model that is now out of production, the Visatron VN/87 EMC. These are the models that had a great impact on Schaller Automations standing in the industry.

Visatron VN/93

The Visatron VN/93 generation consist of: VN 115/93, VN 116/93 & VN 215/93. The VN/93 generation did not replace any of our other oil mist detector generations but was a supplement to the other systems. The VN/93 generation was launched into the market in 1997 and production line stopped in 2019. It is easy to identify the VN/93 generation as this is the only oil mist detector by Schaller Automation that was not in a grey, metallic colour, but white.

 VN 115/93 during a high oil mist concentration alarm is indicating that there is oil mist concentration inside the engine. VN 116/93 indicates which side of the installation the oil mist concentration is located in the engine. VN 215/93 indicates which compartment of the engine the high oil mist concentration is located in.

Visatron VN/87 EMC

The Visatron VN/87 EMC generation consist of: VN 115/87 EMC, VN 116/87 EMC & VN 215/87 EMC. The VN/87 EMC is the successor of the VN/79 & VN/82 generations. The VN/87 was placed into the market in 1985 and was in production until the system was replaced by the VN/87 EMC in 1998. The VN/87 EMC was then replaced by the VN/87plus in 2008. The VN 115/87 EMC was mainly used for the 4-stroke engine market and the system requires a single tube installation. The VN 166/87 EMC & VN 215/87 EMC was mainly used for the 2-stroke engine market. The VN/87 generation have during its time been modified several times.



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