Accomos Vibration Sensor

The ACCOMOS Acceleration Monitoring System offers a range of Impressive features including:

  • Ideal for monitoring compliance with the vibration limits set by DIN ISO 10816-6.
  • Ideal for large combustion engines and their driven machines.
  • It can detect discrepancies in vibration behavior immediatetly and trigger an alarm.
  • Real-time data can be transmitted via CAN or RS485connections.
  • Worldwide service network.
  • 24/7 service assistance.

The system is extremely easy to install

Ultra-strong magnets allow the ACCOMOS Vibration System to be installed within minutes, no surface machining neccesary, and can be used for both engines and generators. An individual sensor monitors the engine so that pre-alerts and main alerts for the vibration behavior are indicated with colored LEDs. 

ACCOMOS offers the following expansions:

  • An optional evaluation software allows, among other things, displaying and storing of real-time data in 3 axes and of the frequency spectrum.
  • A teaching function is provided for this, to better determine thresholds for pre-alerts and main alerts.

It is possible to transfer the real time data via CAN or RS485 connections.

Optional evaluation software is available, which, amongst other things, allows you to display and save real time data on all 3 axis and to display the frequency spectrum.

The software also offers a teaching function to can be used to better determine the thresholds for warnings (yellow/red).