Exchange pool

The worlds largest oil mist detector eXP!

We offer a large stock of exchange units with over 400 complete units available. We deliver within 24 hours! You can order after your specific needs, for example a measuring head or a complete oil mist detector system. Our systems are based on the principle: Plug & Play. This means that it is easy to make the installation by the crew of the different parts in the exchange pool. Installation documentation, return form sheet with return labels ready filled out by us, are following each exchange pool component- to make it easy for you as a user to ensure correct return of the defect components. Normal return period is 60 days of the defect components. If you face problems with delay, please contact us!

  • Used EXP components to be returned in equal numbers containing same constituent parts as delivered! If any parts missing – extra invoice will be issued!
  • Returned components are to be in repairable condition! If the components are not in repairable condition – this will result in extra invoice!

Note: According to warranty conditions when replacing only measuring head  alternative – you always have to replace maintenance kit for the specific model for warranty to remain during the next 1-year period. According to makers manual for VN/87plus, VN/93 and VN2020, to fulfill class requirement, authorized service personnel has to be used every 2 years for inspection of entire oil mist detector installation.

1. Return of exchange units must take place within 60 days.

2. After 60 days, there will be an extra invoice due to missing exchange pool parts.


Return of exchange unit after 60 days, extra invoice will be processed as follows:

3. 60-90 days – Extra invoice will be 100% credited

4. 90-120 days – Extra invoice will be 50% credited

5. After 120 days – Extra invoice will not be credited

Wirebreak resistance:

When replacing the measuring head on your oil mist detector system it is important to make sure the wire break resistance is the same on the new measuring head as the old one. Click the button below for more information!

Exchange Pool for VN/87 EMC Measuring heads

Exchange Pool for VN/87plus Measuring heads

Exchange Pool for VN/93 Measuring heads

Exchange Pool for VN2020 Measuring heads

Exchange Pool for VN2020 Measuring heads

Type:Product:The exchange package containsPart no.:
VN301plus | Standard Mounting UnitCentral unitCentral unit, pressure regulator & cover273100EXP
VN301plus | Mounting Unit w/ water separator & solenoidCentral unitCentral unit, pressure regulator, cover, water separator & solenoid273120EXP
VN301plus | Replacement Central UnitCentral unitCentral unit & pressure regulator273150EXP
Sensor VN301plus EX VerticalSensor unitSensor unit153050EXP
Sensor VN301plus EX HorizontalSensor unitSensor unit153060EXP
Sensor VN301plus VerticalSensor unitSensor unit153070EXP
Sensor VN301plus HorizontalSensor unitSensor unit153080EXP
Sensor VN301plus LeftSensor unitSensor unit153024EXP