Test procedures

Functionality test procedures

Test procedures should be performed every time service or maintenance has been done on your oil mist detector system. This ensures that the functionality of your system is functional and safe to use.

For this reason we have made step-by-step guides complete with pictures and videos to make this process faster and clearer for our users. You will find these guides below of all the different functionality test we provide. 

It is important to test your oil mist detector system regularly during maintenance work and replacement of measuring head or complete oil mist detector. It is important to ensure that the oil mist detetor works according to the functionality instructions and that the alarm signal from the oil mist detector reaches the shutdown/reduced RPM function at the engine during an alarm situation.

What you need to do the test:

To perform the funtionality test, we offer you «Test plate-Kit for VN functionality Test» with part no.: 11072.

The kit consist of the following parts:

  1. Test plate
  2. Test glass 10%

How to perform the test:

  ATTENTION: You will stop or slow down the engine during this test!

CAUTION! The oil mist alarm will now be triggered, showing Alarm LED lighting up and the engine will be shut down/reducing the RPM!