Visatron Oil Mist Detector Service & Maintenance

Schaller Automation Visatron Oil Mist maintenance and service OMD

Service and maintenance is a key factor to have a completely functional and operational Visatron Oil Mist Detector system. Some parts on the systems are parts that will wear down over time and must be replaced before it is rendered ineffective. Not replacing such parts may lead to the system not being able to detect high oil mist concentration or complete shutdown of the oil mist detector system. Cleaning the system is also an important part of maintenance. Keep your pipe system and baseplate clean. Each series of Visatron Oil Mist Detectors have their own schedule for when specific maintenance steps should be performed. You can find your OMD maintenance and service schedule and step-by-step guide here!

Maintenance kits for your Visatron system

We at Engine Protection Partner AS have for years made custom maintenance kits for all currently used systems. All kits are made of original Schaller Automation parts and are tailored for the relevant maintenance. This means you will not pay more for unnecessary parts you don’t need. There are some kits that are design for general usage across models and some for specific models. Most of the general kits we offer are test kits to ensure your system is working optimal. We have published step-by-step guides for these as well, you can find them here!

Service for your Visatron OMD

Some maintenance steps require authorized service personnel to examine your system. Depending on you which Visatron OMD model you have on your system this step is only required every 24 months or 16000 operating hours. We offer authorized service on-site and our authorized repair department always have available exchange units when the time comes to replace the Oil Mist Detector. Please contact us if you require maintenance parts or you need to service your system. Lists of the different Engine Protection Partner maintenance kits and Schaller Automation service kits can be found here!



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