Warranty label

The warranty label

In 2020 Engine Protection Partner developed a new type of warranty label, displaying more information then previous editions. The 2020 warranty label includes: Oil Mist Detector model, unit serial number, date of delivery, date of warranty expiration and the maintenance plan for the respective Oil Mist Detector model. If you possess an Oil Mist Detector measuring head from before 2020, the warranty label will display only the date of delivery.

The warranty labels are placed on the right side of VN2020 measuring heads and on the left side of any other measuring head model – do not remove the label under any circumstance! This label indicates the last time the system have been overhauled/calibrated by authorized service personnel. The warranty label is marked with the month and the year it was overhauled and signed by the person who verified the finished product. It also indicates the validity period of warranty.

Warranty label – 2020 edition

Warranty label – Pre 2020