Visatron VN2020

Visatron VN2020

The VN2020 replaces the VN115/87plus and VN116/87plus. The VN2020 will be especially for 4- stroke engine marked. The VN301plus replaces VN215/87plus for the 2- stoke marked! 

VISATRON VN2020 continuously and simultaneously evacuate crankcase atmosphere from each crankcase compartment between two main bearings.

The VN2020 use a header-suction-tube system for this purpose. The oil mist detector is positioned in the middle between two header-suction-tube sections located on the engine sides; from these sections, single-suction tubes branch off near the compartments. These tubes are considerably thinner than the header-suction tubes and they have a throttling effect. Owing to the large header-suction- tube diameter the vacuum and consequently the sample flow at each suction point remain virtually constant. The arrangement of the detector in the middle of the header-suction tube results in an optimally short sample running time in the tube system.

Key upgrades:

  • Integrated pressure regulator including water separator

  • Can be delivered with ATEX/ IECEx standard

  • New designed LED panel on measuring head with separate displays for safe reading during operation

  • New connection box instead of connection socket used on VN/87plus generation

  • New position of Wire Break Resistors inn connection box

  • REST button position directly on measuring head

  • Latest SMD component and  pressure sensor technology used in measuring head

  • No need for scavenging air filters on VN2020- less spare parts required!

  • Negative pressure to be read out directly on measuring head display- no need for u- tube manometer!

  • CANopen and MODBUS RTU signals!

  • New replaceable main cable between measuring head and connection box!