Modifications & upgrades

Pressure regulator modification kit – Part no.: 273440

Along with Visatron VN2020 came Schaller Automations new pressure regulator, effectively retiring the old one. If you now need a new pressure regulator, but you have the old model you will need to modify your system to be able to fit the 2020 regulator.

Below you will see how to modify your system to be compatible with the new pressure regulator.

Note: For customers using the old pressure regulator (Part nr.: 10001) – modification to fit the new pressure regualtor (Part nr.: 273440) is needed! The reason for this modification is to ensure safe operation where it’s possible to replace spare parts, etc. Spare part for the old pressure regulator that will still be available: 

  • Sintered bronze filter for pressure regulator | Part nr.: 10002
  • O-ring | Part nr.: 10003, 10004 & 10679

All other spare parts are discontinued.

Part nr.: 273440


  • Pressure regulator
  • Mounting plate
  • Engine wall connections
  • Flexible tube
  • Solid tube

Pressure regulator modification kit - Bracket solution - Part no.: 273001

Special kit made for installation where position of oil mist detector won’t allow for a normal protecion cover due to space restrictions.

The kit consist of:

  • Modification kit – Part no.: 273440
  • Adapted bracket

Modification from Graviner MK 4/5 and Daihatsu MD-9 to Visatron VN115/87plus and VN2020

A typical kit consist of:

  • Complete oil mist detector VN115 series or VN2020.
  • The new modified pressure regulator including special bracket.
  • Adapter installation kit with up to 10 suction points.
  • Up to 10 flexible suction tubes with double set hose clamps.
  • Step-by-step mounting instructions.


  • Complete service box.
  • Test kit for negative pressure and oil mist consentration.

Click the images below to download the instructions in a PDF-fil.

VN/87 EMC - Heating element - Part no.: 10671

By installing a heating element on a Visatron VN/87 EMC series oil mist detector, will protect the system from alarm caused by condensation problems. We strongly recommend using the upgrade for all VN/87 oil mist detectors!

A typical kit consist of:

  • Heating element
  • Thermal compound

VN/87 EMC - Scavenging air system - Part no.: 10798

Normally a VN/87 series oil mist detector will draw air from the engine room, which could cause the OMD to detect the dirt in the air around it. The solution for this problem is to install a scavenging air system. This will make it so the OMD is drawing clean air from the pressure regulator instead, which will remove the problem of engine room air entering the system causing alarms that could be avoided.

A typical kit consist of:

  • Inspection cover
  • Inspection cover gasket
  • Scavenging air hose

Oil separators for pipe systems

Oil draining device – Part no.: 11164

The oil draining device is used to drain residual oil in the pipe system from the engine to the oil mist detector. The oil draining device is basically required for pipe systems can’t be installed at the recommended 2-4% angle.

Oil separator – Part no.: 11163

The oil separator unit returns the oil coming from the oil mist detector exhaust port, leading it to the engines oil sump. This is the solution to eliminating the problem with oil spills around the engine and to avoid oil mist remaining in the engine room atmosphere.

Sampling funnels

To ensure maximum safety, the specially designed sampling funnels are used for reducing the oil/oil mist intake from the engine to the oil mist detector system. A sampling funnel is a mechanical labyrinth where large oil droplets are filtered away, allowing only smaller oil droplets to pass through it.

There are 2 types of sampling funnels: The short type thats normally used for newer engines, and long type that is typically used for older engines. Additionally, it is necessary to install long type sampling funnels if the pipe system is not installed at the recommended 2-4% angle.

Please contact us about which type you need for your engine.

Syphon blocks

Not all engines allow for the installations with the recommended 2-4% angle. The reason we recommend the 2-4% angle for the main tube is based on wanting the collected oil inside the tubing system to be drained back into the engine crankcase.

The syphon blocks are specially made for oil mist detectors where the main tubes are installed horizontally, letting oil mist go through the pipe system, but oil and oil droplets are drained back into the crankcase. The design make the installation quick and easy.

Model name:Model for OMD:Part no.:
Syphon block VN280 – 1 pipeAll VN21510140 – 150929
Syphon block VN280 – 1 pipe w/ manometer fittingAll VN21510141 – 150930
Syphon block VN280 – 2 pipeAll VN21510142 – 150931
Syphon block VN280 – 3 pipeAll VN21510143 – 150932
Syphon block VN280 – 4 pipeAll VN21510144 – 150933
Syphon block VN280 – 5 pipeAll VN21510145 – 150934
Syphon block for VN115/VN116All VN115 & VN11610013 – 150260
Syphon block for VN215All VN21510612 – 150166