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Part nameOld Part No.New Part No.
Maintenance kit VN2020 - Half-yearly kit155006
Bellow ring screws480824
Filter kit for VN/93 series151490BU
Filter kit for VN/87 series151481BU
Remote Indicator (Discontinued)10967
Service kit O-ring pressure regulator270610
Adaptor kit for u-tube manometer100139
Quick connector for smoke test433216
Bulb pump450421
Smoke ampulla
Smoke ampulla 5x450420
Smoke ampulla kit272059
O-ring for filter cartridge100900605010810
Measuring head VN 215/87 CE Reconditioned1180111801R
Oil mist detector VN 215/87 CE Reconditioned1180011800R
Measuring head VN 116/87 CE Reconditioned1170611706R
Oil mist detector VN 116/87 CE Reconditioned1170011700R
Oil mist detector VN 115/87 CE Reconditioned1160011600R
VN115/93 complete11990
VN115/87plus 24K9-4-20mA-E4 Complete11870
VN215/87plus 24K92-4-20mA-E4 complete11859
VN115/87plus 33K2-RS485-E5 Complete11755
VN115/87plus 10K0-RS485-E4 Complete11669
VN115/87plus 33K2-4-20mA-E4 Complete11659
VN115/87plus 3K32-RS485-E4 Complete11657
VN115/87plus 10K0-RS485-E6 Complete11655
VN116/93 33K2-RS485-E4 complete11411
VN115/87plus 33K2-RS485-E6 Cat351611099
VN115/87plus 33K2-RS485-E4 complete11054
Super-steam generator 500 Seuthe451212
Pressure switch kit complete272389
Connection-unit 03 standard270923
Connection-hose testo-unit270808
Manometer connection-hose270539
Manometer connection-hose 80mm270502
Oilmist generator 230V11095270470
Smoke generator 230V270320
Siphon VN280plus 5 tube - additional fill10784151184
Siphon VN280plus 4 tube - additional fill10738151183
Siphon VN280plus 3 tube - additional fill10737151182
Siphon VN280plus 2 tube - additional fill10736151181
Siphon VN280plus 1 tube - additional fill10734151179
Stageline smoke set11049151167
Smoke-generator 110V11089151067
Smokegas generator big 230V/24V150741
Repair remote indicator II90400
Repair oil mist detector VN215/9390321
Repair measuring head VN215/9390320
Repair oil mist detector VN116/9390311
Repair measuring head VN116/9390310
Repair Oil mist detector VN115/9390301
Repair Measuring head VN115/9390300
Repair oil mist detector VN215/87plus90221
Repair measuring head VN215/87plus90220
Repair oil mist detector VN116/87plus90211
Repair measuring head VN116/87plus90210
Repair Oil mist detector VN115/87plus90201
Repair Measuring head VN115/87plus90200
Repair assembly unit VN215/9390173
Repair assembly unit VN116/9390172
Repair assembly unit VN115/9390171
Repair assembly unit VN215/87plus90165
Repair assembly unit VN116/87plus90164
Repair assembly unit VN115/87plus90163
Repair assembly unit VN215/8790153
Repair assembly unit VN116/8790152
Repair assembly unit VN115/8790151
Repair valve box VN215/9390142
Repair valve box VN116/9390141
Repair connection box VN115/9390140
Repair valve box VN215/87plus90132
Repair valve box VN116/87plus90131
Repair connection box VN115/87plus90130
Repair valve box VN116/8790124
Repair connection box VN115/8790123
Repair valve box VN215/8790122
Repair oil mist detector VN215/8790121
Repair measuring head VN215/8790120
Repair oil mist detector VN116/8790111
Repair measuring head VN116/8790110
Repair Oil mist detector VN115/8790101
Repair Measuring head VN115/8790100
Cylinder screw DIN84 M4x16 4.8 galvanized480080
Bottle Loctite 243 screw locking blue 5ml450180
Stageline smoke liquid11052450137
O-ring 14,0 x 2,0 NBR872365293
Double nipple R1/4 tabaret brass365325
Gasket for control cover VN/87plus EX355970
Gasket DN5x8 air supply VN87355573
Adapter pressure switch VN87 plus14076340739
Adapter Scavenging air VN87340738
Frontplate remote indicator II printed vertical VN11511331057
Flange for flexible bellow10579330553
Gasket 14x6x5 for aircon10528330484
Pressure swith replacement272408
Terminating resistor ReCon DS2311502271685
Assembly controlcover VN87plus EX complete270975
Propellant nozzle, coated 2270766
Mounting accessories for siphon blocks VN28011927270747
Gasket set for siphon VN280plus270608
Assembly scavenging air set VN115/87plus EX270416
Forced scavenging air VN/87 upgrade - Kit small11171270414
Diffusor for airjet pump VN93, coated270184
Propellant nozzle, coated270176
Adapter for smapling tube VN21510069270157
Driving nozzle for air draft pump VN, coated10641270066
Diffusor for airjet pump VN87, coated10577270065
Manual VN115/87plus EX english CDRom180080
Manual VN87plus 5-port CDRom180066
Service box VN115/87plus EX complete150516
Reset button complete VN/8710153
Schaller pressure regulator - Opposite flow direction100169
Schaller pressure regulator100168
Exchange measuring head VN 115/87 EMC10601EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 215/93 - 10k - RS485 - E410961R
Exchange measuring head VN 215/93 - 10k - RS485 - E410961EXP
Measuring head VN 215/93 - 10K0 - RS485 - E410961
Reconditioned measuring head VN2020EX290045R
Exchange measuring head VN2020EX290045EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN2020290044R
Exchange measuring head VN2020290044EXP
Reconditioned oil mist detector VN2020155000R
Exchange oil mist detector VN2020155000EXP
Measuring head VN2020EX290045
Measuring head VN2020290044
Assempbly Unit Oil mist detector VN2020EX155001
Assembly Unit Oil mist detector VN2020155000
Exchange measuring head VN 116/87 EMC10701EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 116/87 EMC10701R
Measuring head VN 116/87 EMC10701
Exchange oil mist detector VN 215/87 EMC10800EXP
Exchange oil mist detector VN 116/87 EMC10700EXP
Exchange oil mist detector VN 115/87 EMC10600EXP
Reconditioned oil mist detector VN 215/87 EMC10800R
Reconditioned oil mist detector VN 116/87 EMC10700R
Recondition oil mist detector VN 115/87 EMC10600R
Oil mist detector VN 215/87 EMC10800
Oil mist detector VN 116/87 EMC10700
Oil mist detector VN 115/87 EMC10600
Reconditioned measuring head VN 115/87plus11651R
Reconditioned oil mist detector VN 215/87plus11850R
Reconditioned oil mist detector VN 116/87plus11750R
Reconditioned oil mist detector VN 115/87plus11650R
Exp. oil mist detector VN 215/87plus11850EXP
Exp. oil mist detector VN 116/87plus11750EXP
Exp. oil mist detector VN 115/87plus11650EXP
Manual for Remote control ReCon DS2311500
Manual VN/87 - russian10027
Manual VN 115/93, VN 116/93 & VN 215/9310980
Measuring head gasket VN/79330482
Inspection cover gasket VN/79330481
Manual VN 115/79 - french18009300
Manual VN 115/79 - english18009200
Manual VN 115/79 - german18009100
Electronic module VN 115/7915018100
Oil mist detector VN 115/9715018000
Data sheet: function & performance VN 115/7918009500
Manual VN 215/80 & VN 215/8218013400
Service box VN/79 & VN/8215023500
Manual VN 115/7918008700
Spring small10008
Spring large10007
Repair kit for pressure regulator10977270043
Valve needle for pressure reducer10006
Diaphragm for pressure reducer10005
Oil mist detector VN114
Ejector kit VN/93100912
Ejector kit VN/87plus100911
Ejector kit VN/87100910
Ejector kit VN/82100909
Ejector input VN/93100908
Ejector input VN/87plus100907
Ejector input VN/87100906
Ejector input VN/82100905
Ejector output VN/93100904
Ejector output VN/87plus100903
Ejector output VN/87100902
Ejector output VN/82100901
Onboard functionality test kit270453
Tool box for Oil Mist Detector846016
Assembly unit VN215/87plus - 33k11854
Valve box VN215/87plus11852
Assembly unit VN116/87plus - 33k11754
Assembly unit VN115/87plus - 33k11654
Remote indicator II11506
Valve box VN116/9311432
Assembly unit VN116/93 - 33k11414
Measuring head VN116/93 - 33k11401
Oil mist detector VN116/93 - 33k11400
Assembly unit VN115/93 - 33k11213
Compression nut - D22mm11167
Air restrictor VN/9310975
Assembly unit VN215/93 - 33k10910
Sampling funnel - Elbow, D10mm, 157mm, L10820
Engine wall connection - Elbow, G3/4 to D10mm10733
Base plate VN116/87 EMC & VN215/87 EMC10708
Filter element for Typhoon filter system10663
Screwdriver - 4mm10157
Transformer (120VAC to 24VDC)10098
Bottle of smoke distillate10097
Service box VN/87 EMC10055
Wrench - 14mm, 17mm10356190050
Wrench key - 8mm10031190147
Wrench - 7mm10496
Valve box VN215/9310902
Valve box VN215/8710402150688
Valve box VN116/87plus11752
Valve box VN116/8710302150687
Main connection socket VN/87plus11004200175
Main connection socket VN/87 EMC10033
Smoke generator (220-240V)10353150740
Screwdriver - Philips10354
Screwdriver - 8mm10037190137
Screwdriver - 3mm10038190143
Screw - M4x6mm10085480076
Scavenging air inserts271899
Scavenging air hose fitting270609
Sampling funnel - Elbow, D10mm, 50mm, S10147270581
Sampling funnel - Elbow, D10mm, 94mm, L10817271291
Sampling funnel - Elbow, D10mm, 118mm, L10815271289
Quick connection for siphon block VN18011080
Quick connection for manometer10053270493
Pump for siphon block VN28011062270409
Pump for siphon block VN18010062270371
Protection cover w/ pressure regulator (Expired model)10171271279
Protection cover for Oil Mist Detector10753270888
Pressure gauge with couplings10167270532
Plug for siphon block VN180 - 22mm10640340375
Plug - G3/4 plastic10518365249
Plug - G1/2 plastic10517365248
Pliers for circlips100481190146
Pipe connection adapter VN215/93 - Right10995270158
Pipe connection adapter VN215/93 - Left10994270156
Pipe connection adapter VN116/9310993
Pipe connection adapter VN116/8710312270071
Oil separator for exhaust air11163150938
Oil Mist Detector VN215/93 - 33k10900
Oil Mist Detector VN215/87plus - 33k11850
Oil Mist Detector VN116/87plus - 33k11750
Oil Mist Detector VN115/93 - 33k11200
Oil Mist Detector VN115/87plus - 33k11650
Mounting plate for VN280 siphon block10160271544
Mounting plate for VN180 siphon block10089270504
Measuring head VN215/87 EMC10801
Measuring head VN116/87 EMC10706
Measuring head VN115/87 EMC10601
Manual for Visatron VN/93 - English, DVD-form10980180061
Manual for Visatron VN/87plus - English, DVD-form11078180062
Manual for Visatron VN/87 EMC - English10024180020
Lamella for siphon block VN18010095360106
Upgrade kit - Driving air conditioning272213
Repair kit for pressure regulator - Expired model11068270443
Maintenance kit VN/9310189150568
Commissioning box VN/9311048151164
Commissioning box VN/87plus11000151055
Hex key - 4mm10355
Hex key - 6mm10047190206
Hex key - 5mm10044190138
Gasket for control cover VN/87 EMC10010355236
Gasket - G3/410542355111
Fuse cap10087310526
Fitting - Tee, D22mm to D22mm11087272014
Fitting - Tee, D22mm to D10mm10199270549
Fitting - Elbow, G3/4 to D22mm10653366240
Fitting - Elbow, D22mm to D10mm10146270545
Engine wall connection - Tee, G3/4 to D14mm10322270299
Engine wall connection - Tee, G1/2 to D14mm10504270640
Engine wall connection - Straight, G3/4 to D14mm10063270352
Engine wall connection - Straight, G1/2 to D14mm10149270555
Engine wall connection - Straight, G1/2 to D10mm10505270637
Engine wall connection - L-type, G3/4 to D14mm, 50mm length270368
Engine wall connection - L-type, G3/4 to D10mm, 50mm length10482270354
Engine wall connection - L-type, G3/4 to D10mm10481270233
Engine wall connection - Elbow, G3/4 to D14mm10152270575
Engine wall connection - Elbow, G1/2 to D14mm10176270626
Engine wall connection - Elbow, G1/2 to D10mm10507270646
Differential pressure gauge151800
Cutting sleeves - D10mm10680365477
Cover for electronic module VN/87plus330065
Cover for electronic module VN/87 EMC10084330064
Cotton stick for infra-red sensor10036452176
Control cover VN/9310968270197
Control cover VN/87 EMC10088270269
Control cover VN/8710727270399
Compression nut - D10mm10067365727
Compression fitting - D22mm11166365495
Plug for siphon block VN280 - 14mm10091340115
Bellow clamp VN9311084365110
Cable tie for heating element10052365725
Block plug for siphon VN280plus10788272223
Base plate VN116/87plus & VN215/87plus11076
Base plate VN116/87 & VN215/8710803
Base plate VN115/9311233150779
Base plate VN115/87plus11075
Back plate for valve box10308330636
Bellow VN93 package11059
Fuse VN93 package11058
Sealing package11057
Pressured air check package11056
Cleaning package11055
Filter package11094
Smoke test box for Oil Mist Detector VN2020100167
Suspension and flexible bellows kit for Oil Mist Detector VN2020100163
Maintenance kit 3 for Oil Mist Detector VN2020100162
Test plate kit for functional test of Oil Mist Detector11072
Digital U-tube manometer kit for Oil Mist Detector100138
Maintenance Schaller kit for Oil Mist Detector VN2020155004
Maintenance Schaller kit for Oil Mist Detector VN2020 (Small kit)155003
ACCOMOS sensor cable - 10m310289
ACCOMOS sensor RS485 version273410
ACCOMOS sensor CAN version273400
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 30m273230
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 25m273225
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 20m273220
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 15m273215
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 10m273210
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 8m273208
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 6m273206
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 4m273204
Hybrid cable VN301plus - 2m273202
Spare part hybrid connector VN301plus273201
Central unit VN301plus - Replacement273150
Plug G1/8" for VN301plus273139
Plug G1/4" for VN301plus273138
O-ring 20x1,3273137
O-ring 19x1,5273136
Hybrid cable clamp DIN3016-1 - Ø=34x20273135
Hybrid cable clamp DIN3016-1 - Ø=21x30273134
Hybrid cable clamp DIN3016-1 - Ø=25x20273133
Hybrid cable clamp DIN3016-1 - Ø=22x20273132
Hybrid cable clamp DIN3016-1 - Ø=12x20273131
Solenoid valve kit VN301plus273129
Mounting unit VN301plus - 33K2 Standard w/ water separator & solenoid273120
Filter cartridge for water separator273119
Water separator w/ filter for VN301plus273118
Pressure regulator filter for VN301plus273114
Connection pipe kit VN301plus273111
Pressure regulator for VN301plus273102
Graviner Mark 11 to Visatron VN115 modification kit115MARK11
Graviner Mark 9 to Visatron VN115 modification kit115MARK9
Graviner Mark 5 to Visatron VN115 modification kit115MARK5
Graviner Mark 4 to Visatron VN115 modification kit115MARK4
Mounting unit VN301plus - 33K2 Standard273100
Pressure regulator modification kit - Bracket solution273001
Pressure regulator modification kit - Limited space solution273002
Manual CD VN301plus260090
Service box VN301plus151779
ACCOMOS spare part kit151486
Spare part kit 2 VN301plus151482-1
Exp. measuring head VN 215/87plus11868EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 215/87plus11868R
Measuring head VN 215/87plus11868
Exp. measuring head VN 215/87plus11860EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 215/87plus11860R
Measuring head VN 215/87plus11860
Exp. measuring head VN 215/87plus11851EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 215/87plus11851R
Measuring head VN 215/87plus11851
Exp. measuring head VN 116/87plus11762EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 116/87plus11762R
Measuring head VN 116/87plus11762
Exp. measuring head VN 116/87plus11760EXP
Reconditioned measuring head VN 116/87plus11760R
Measuring head VN 116/87plus11760
Reconditioned measuring head VN 116/87plus11759R
Exp. measuring head VN 116/87plus11759EXP
Measuring head VN 116/87plus11759
Reconditioned measuring head VN 116/87plus11751R
Exp. measuring head VN 116/87plus11751EXP
Measuring head VN 116/87plus11751
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate - 10K0 - 4-20mA - E411668EXP+
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus - 10K0 - 4-20mA - E411668EXP
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate - 33K2 - 4-20mA - E411660EXP+
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus - 33K2 - 4-20mA - E411660EXP
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate11658EXP+
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus11658EXP
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate - 10K0 - RS485 - E611656EXP+
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus - 10K0 - RS485 - E611656EXP
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus - 33K0 - RS485 - E411651EXP
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate - 33K0 - RS485 - E411651EXP+
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate - 33K2 - RS485 - E6 - CAT 351611097EXP+
Exp. measuring head VN 115/87plus incl. Maintenance kit for baseplate - 33K2 - RS485 - E611053EXP+
Scavenging air hose preassembled10726270303
O-ring 16,0x3,0 NBR872365287
Plug R1/4" gasket10054365281
Inspection cover gasket11070355636
Connection casing gasket10305
Connection casing gasket10049
Slacked water for u-tube manometer10040270089
Cleaning fluid for OMD10035
Flexible clamp ring10020365044
Valve box seal ring10309365120
Lock plug10412360194
Rubber sleeve10411360079
Air-jet pump VN93 gasket355095
Tube connection VN116 gasket10313355346
Clamp plate10409350001
Crossing block VN215 gasket10715355077
Pressure regulator273456
Air-jet pump gasket10562330543
Pipe connection VN215 Right10430270285
Pipe connection VN215 Left10408270286
Cleaning needle10135190003
Analoge u-tube manometer10046200548
Pressure regulator filter100170273214
Sensor VN301plus EX Vertical153050
Sensor VN301plus EX Horizontal153060
Sensor VN301plus Vertical153070
Sensor VN301plus Horizontal153080
Sensor VN301plus Left153024
Measuring head VN 215/9310901
Measuring head VN 115/93 - 33K2 - RS485 - E411201
Oil mist gasket10407
Oil mist gasket10307
Thermal compound10502450029
Pressure regulator (Expired model)10001151072
Service-box VN/87plus complete11079150993
Service-box VN/93 complete10950365197
Maintenance kit VN/93151490
Cleaning kit151482
Maintenance kit VN/87151481
Fuse 3,15 Ah10973436551
Fuse 2 Ah10043436513
Oil return gasket10406
Oil return gasket10306
Pressure regulator modification kit273440
Large maintenance kit10059150198
Small maintenance kit10056150197
Pressure regulator filter kit155005366717
Sampling funnel - W=10mm, L=140mm, short, side, bend
Sampling funnel - W=10mm, L=140mm, long, side, straight
Engine wall connection272300
Engine wall connection w/ long funnel - G3/4 to D10mm, elbow272198
Sampling funnel - W=10mm, L=40mm, long, top, straight271294
Sampling funnel - W=10mm, L=140mm, long, side, bend271099
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 33K2 - RS485 - E612608
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 10K0 - RS485 - E612607
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 33K2 - RS485 - E512606
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 33K2 - 4-20mA - E412605
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 10K0 - RS485 - E412604
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 33K2 - RS485 - E4 - MODBUS12603
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 24K9 - 4-20mA - E412602
Measuring head VN 115/87plus EX - 33K2 - RS485 - E412601
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - 33K2 - RS485 - E511756
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - 10K0 - 4-20mA - E411668
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - 33K2 - 4-20mA - E411660
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - 10K0 - RS485 - E611656
Connction casing VN 115/87plus1165211652R
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - 33K2 - RS485 - E411651
Measuring head VN 115/87 EMC1160111601R
Connection casing VN 115/931123211232R
Inspection cover gasket VN/9311180355576
Pipe siphon complete11164150939
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - Caterpillar C351611097
Engine wall connection w/ long funnel - G3/4 to D14mm, T11073271981
Measuring head VN 115/87plus - 33K2 - RS485 - E611053
Fresh air restrictor10992271899
Mounting plate VN/9310991
Fresh air bellow10990270629
Measuring head gasket VN/9310969355321
Connection socket VN/93200389
Baseplate VN/931090410904R
Sampling funnel10837271328
Scavenging air system VN/8710798270412
O-Ring 4,0x1,75 NBR7010679365954
Heating element10671270765
Siphon block for VN 21510612150166
Baseplate VN 115/87 EMC1060410604R
Connection casing gasket10405330721
Plug R1/2" gasket10209365280
Plug R1/2"10208
Oil mist seal10206360136
Connection casing VN 115/871020210202R
Engine wall connection - G3/4 to D10mm, elbow10179270574
Inspection cover gasket10166355336
Engine wall connection - G3/4 to D10mm, straight10158270573
Siphon block VN280 - 5 pipe10145150934
Siphon block VN280 - 4 pipe10144150933
Siphon block VN280 - 3pipe10143150932
Siphon block VN280 - 2 pipe10142150931
Siphon block VN280 - 1 pipe w/ manometer fitting10141150930
Siphon block VN280 - 1 pipe10140150929
Plug R1/4"10083
Plug R1/4" gasket10082
Scavenging air filter10042365197
Scavenging air filter circlip10041365198
Flexible bellow10023365193
Measuring head gasket10022330482
Lower suspension10019200212
Upper suspension10018200211
Siphon block for VN115/VN11610013150260
O-Ring 8,0x2,572 NBR87210004365449
O-Ring 9,0x4,5 NBR87210003365208
Service kit for VN 215/93100155-151488
Service kit for VN 116/93100154-151487
Service kit for VN 115/93100153-151489
Service kit for VN 215/87 series100152-151485
Service kit for VN 116/87 series100151-151484
Service kit for VN 115/87 series100150-151483
Filter for pressure regulator10002365206