We have a new website under construction

Recently we started the process of updating our website with a completely new, modern and user-friendly design. This means for the time being that there will be a few inaccuracies in lines of photos and minor information as these aspects are also under developement. There will also be added new features to this site we haven’t been able to offer before, like a Parts Database were you will be able to find specs for all the parts we offer. We will be updating the site several times a day with new information and functions.

We estimate that construction will be complete within September, thank you for your patience.



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Visatron VN/93 model

Additional Visatron models

Over the years Schaller Automation has created and supplied the world with a range of different generations of Visatron models. Below you will find some

Visatron VN301plus

Visatron VN301plus

For Schaller & Engine Protection Partner, “safety first” is not just an empty phrase or marketing slogan, it has been part and parcel of our

Schaller Automation Visatron Oil Mist maintenance and service OMD

Visatron Oil Mist Detector Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance is a key factor to have a completely functional and operational Visatron Oil Mist Detector system. Some parts on the systems are parts that will wear down over time and must be replaced before it is rendered ineffective.

Visatron VN 115/87plus

Visatron VN/87plus

The Visatron VN/87 Generation The Schaller Automation Visatron VN/87plus generation consist of: VN 115/87plus, VN 116/87plus & VN 215/87plus. The VN87plus is the successor of


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