Visatron Oil Mist Detector Systems

The basics and advantages of Schaller Automation Visatron Oil Mist Detectors

Oil Mist Detectors protect large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines of all applications from heavy consequential damage due to oil mist explosions as a result of overheating of bearings or other moving parts.

All Schaller VISATRON Oil Mist Detectoin Systems continuously draw the atmosphere from every compartment of the engine’s crankcase by the use of a suction system. The suction vacuum required is generated by a wear-free air jet pump within the device, fed by compressed air.

Although different to other systems on the market, this technology is well proven and accepted by both, engine makers and ship owners and brings along some field advantages such as high operations reliability and low maintenance costs.

The VISATRON® Oil Mist Detection System is designed to last for the entire engine lifetime.

Surfaces that can generate intensive oil mist in addition to the crankshaft bearing system include:

  • Pistons in cylinder liners
  • Crankshaft bearings such as main bearings and big-end bearings
  • Camshafts, their bearings and cams
  • Timing gear shafts and their bearings
  • Gear boxes with their bearings, and in some cases pumps
  • Guide blocks and paths in cross-head engines

Oil mist in these sliding surfaces can only be monitored by an oil mist detection system, and therefore in the case of an overheating phenomenon starting in one of them, or a possible piston seizure occuring, an oil mist detection system should be employed.

According to the information of a major classification society, there are, on average, one to two crankcase explosions a week onboard vessels worldwide. Causing damage to human health and/or material; and this figure does not count cases where no visible human or material damage occurred, but expensive down-times of engine and vessel had to be accepted.

Taking measures against the severe damage caused to large diesel and gas engines by oil mist explosions has therefore become far more important, as has an awareness of the need to take responsibility in managing potentially dangerous technologies.

Class Approval

SOLAS requirement for oil mist detectors – Engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of more than 300mm bore shall be provided vith crankcase oil mist detectors, engine bearing temperature monitors or equivalent devices. As per IACS M10.8 oil mist detection arrangements (or engine bearing temperature monitors or equivalent devices) are required:

For alarm and slow down purposes for low-speed diesel engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of m0re than 300mm bore for alarm and automatic shutoff purposes for medium- and high-speed diesel engines of 2,250 kW and above or having cylinders of more than 300mm bore. SCHALLER AUTOMATION developed the VISATRON® oil mist detectors to meet the IACS UR M10.

Our oil mist detectors are:

  • Type approved for closed areas
  • Designed for installation on combustion engines
  • Approved for environmental category D
  • Conform to IACS UR M67

The following list of Classification Societies have audited & provided Type Approval for the Oil Mist Detector devices:

  • ABS, American Bureau of Shipping
  • BV, Bureau Veritas
  • CCR (TAIWAN), CR Classification Society
  • CCS (CHINA), China Classification Society
  • DNV, Det Norske Veritas ; GL, Germanischer Lloyd
  • KR, Korean Register of Shipping
  • IR, Indian Register of Shipping
  • NKK, Nippon KaijiKyokai (ClassNK)
  • RINA, Registro Italiano Navale
  • RS, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping