Service Agreement

It is always a good solution to maintenance your Visatron oil mist detector system with a view to be precautionary in relation to technical problems. Due to lack of time for the crew, more and more clients are signing Service Management Agreement (SMA) for the oil mist detector systems- to avoid any dangerous safety situation and down time.

There is two alternatives according to the Service Management Agreement:

  1. Off-site Service Management:  The most used Service Management Agreement (SMA), is where EPP ensures that operator are contacted in head of time before the planned maintenance. All necessary parts and maintenance planning documentation is sent directly to the site. The crew makes the replacement of parts/ exchange units and nessecary testing of the system. EPP are ensuring that maintenance procedure for the oil mist detector is followed according the the maintenance plan on-board- leading to higher safety!
  2. On- site Service Management:  Vessels with short schedule into harbours, will benefit from this agreement, as we send highly skilled service personnel on board to ensure the complete service job. This ensures you as client shorter time of non- operation.


  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced risk of purchasing unnecessary or incorrect parts
  • Higher safety for operator as Step by Step documentation is given for each components to be replaced
  • Total control of the safety systems into your fleet