Pressure regulator modification

Pressure regulator modification kit – Part no.: 273440

Along with Visatron VN2020 came Schaller Automations new pressure regulator, effectively retiring the old one. If you now need a new pressure regulator, but you have the old model you will need to modify your system to be able to fit the 2020 regulator.

Below you will see how to modify your system to be compatible with the new pressure regulator.

Note: For customers using the old pressure regulator (Part nr.: 10001) – modification to fit the new pressure regualtor (Part nr.: 273440) is needed! The reason for this modification is to ensure safe operation where it’s possible to replace spare parts, etc. Spare part for the old pressure regulator that will still be available: 

  • Sintered bronze filter for pressure regulator | Part nr.: 10002
  • O-ring | Part nr.: 10003, 10004 & 10679

All other spare parts are discontinued.

Part nr.: 273440


  • Pressure regulator
  • Mounting plate
  • Engine wall connections
  • Flexible tube
  • Solid tube




Pressure regulator modification kit for Bergen Engines/Rolls Royce Engines – Part no.: 273001

Special kit made for installation where position of oil mist detector won’t allow for a normal protecion cover due to space restrictions.

The kit consist of:

  • Modification kit – Part no.: 273440
  • Adapted bracket