Visatron VN2020 Spare Parts

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1. Inspection cover
2. Inspection cover gasket
3. Measuring head
4. Lithium battery
5. Fuse
6. Connection casing
7. Connection casing gasket
8. Ejector in-/output system
9. Terminal box incl. measuring head cable
10. Base plate
11. Mea. head gasket
12. Flexible bellow
13. Pressure regulator
14. Filter element
15. Flexible scavenging hose system
16. Upper- & lower suspension

Maintenance Kits For VN2020

The kits consist of exact quantities of parts to be replaced during the maintenance work for this model. The kits do not contain Measuring head, Base plate, Connecting casing or Connection socket.

Test and cleaning of infra-red sensor kit | Part no: 100160

  •  Test kit needed every 6 months or every 4 000 operating hours.

Maintenance kit-2 | Part no: 100161

  • Maintenance kit-2 is needed every 6 months or every 4 000 operating hours. 

Maintenance kit-3 | Part no: 100162

  • Maintenance kit-3 is needed every 24 months or every 16 000 operating hours, in this case maintenance kit-2 is not needed.

            NB! Must be performed by authorized service personnel! 

Along with Visatron VN2020 came Schaller Automations new pressure regulator, effectively retiring the old one. If you now need a new pressure regulator, but you have the old model you will need to modify your system to be able to fit the 2020 regulator.

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