Visatron VN215/87 EMC Spare Parts

The system consists of following key parts:

2. Measuring head
3. Fresh air filter/Scavenging air filter
4. Inspection cover
5. Inspection cover gasket
6. Plug R1/4"
7. Plug R1/4" gasket
8. Scavenging air filter circlip
14. Screw R1/2"
15. Screw R1/2" gasket
9. Pipe connection adapter
10. Rubber sleeve
11. Lock plug
12. Clamp plate
13. Valve box
18. Flexible bellow
19. Upper suspension
20. Mea. head gasket
21. Lower suspension
22. Oil mist gasket
23. Valve box gasket
24. Oil return gasket
25. Connection socket
26. Base plate
17. Pipe connection
1. Heating element
16. Scavenging air set
Pos:Part name:Part no.:Kit no.: (Click for more info)Part info.:
1Heating element10671 – 270765Sold separately> Click here
2Measuring head10801, 10801R, 10801EXPSold separately> Click here
3Fresh air filter/Scavenging air filter10042 – 365197100152-151485, 151481 or 11094> Click here
4Inspection cover10798 – 270412Sold separately> Click here
5Inspection cover gasket11070-355336100152-151485 or 151481> Click here
6Plug R1/4”10083Sold separately> Click here
7Plug R1/4” gasket10082100152-151485> Click here
8Scavenging air filter circlip10041 – 365198100152-151485 or 151481> Click here
9Pipe connection adapter10430Sold separately> Click here
10Rubber sleeve10411100152-151485> Click here
11Lock plug10412100152-151485> Click here
12Clamp plate10409100152-151485> Click here
13Valve box10402 – 10402RSold separately> Click here
14Screw R1/2”10208Sold separately> Click here
15Screw R1/2” gasket10209 – 365280100152-151485> Click here
16Scavenging air set10798Sold separately> Click here
17Pipe connection10408Sold separately> Click here
18Flexible bellow10023 – 365193100152-151485> Click here
19Upper suspension10018 – 200211100152-151485> Click here
20Measuring head gasket10022 – 330482100152-151485> Click here
21Lower suspension10019 – 200212100152-151485> Click here
22Oil mist gasket10407100152-151485> Click here
23Valve box gasket10405 – 330721100152-151485> Click here
24Oil return gasket10406100152-151485> Click here
25Connection socket10033Sold separately> Click here
26Base plate10708-10708RSold separately> Click here


Along with Visatron VN2020 came Schaller Automations new pressure regulator, effectively retiring the old one. If you now need a new pressure regulator, but you have the old model you will need to modify your system to be able to fit the 2020 regulator.

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