Spare Parts for Visatron VN115/87 EMC

Spare Parts for Visatron VN115/87 EMC

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Heating element for measuring head
Measuring head VN 115/87 EMC
Inspection cover for VN/87
Gasket for inspection cover
Circlip for scavenging air filter
Fresh air filter/Scavenging air filter
Plug R1/4"
Seal for plug R1/4"
Connection casing VN 115/87
Screw R1/2"
Seal for screw R1/2
Flexible bellow
Upper elastic mounting system
Measuring head seal
Lower elastic mounting system
Valve box seal
Oil mist seal
Connection socket for VN 115/87
Base plate for VN 115/87 | Part no.: 10604R

Along with Visatron VN2020 came Schaller Automations new pressure regulator, effectively retiring the old one. If you now need a new pressure regulator, but you have the old model you will need to modify your system to be able to fit the 2020 regulator.

Click the button to see the guide on how to upgrade your pressure regulator.

Maintenance Kit For VN 115 Series (Part No. 100150)

The kit consist of exact quantities of parts to be replaced during the maintenance work for this model. The kit do not contain Measuring head, Base plate, Connecting casing and Connection socket.