VN2020 Maintenance Guide

VN2020 Maintenance Guide

It’s a good solution to maintenance your Visatron VN2020 Oil Mist Detector system with a view to be
precautionary in relation to technical problems. This eliminates the risk of downtime of the oil mist detector
and the engine. The following table lists the maintenance cycles for the VN2020 oil mist detector.

By conducting regular maintenance, the product will have a long service life. If the maintenance intervals are not observed, the oil mist detector may fail prematurely. It is essential that you follow the given sequence for the work.

NOTE: All maintenance steps should be performed while engine is stopped!


What to do:


Part kit:

Procedure 1

  • M1 | Clean infrared filters in measuring head and replace seal on inspection cover.

  • M2 | Exchange seal on connection box and check bellows and suspension system between measuring head and base plate for damage.

  • M3 | Exchange filter in pressure regulator and check negative pressure in measuring head.

  • M4 | Clean suction/pipe system with compressed air.

  • M5 | Functional test with smoke test to be carried out.

In intervals every 6 months or every 4 000 operating hours!(whatever comes first) 

  • 6 months/4ooo hrs
  • 12 months/8000 hrs
  • 18 months/12000 hrs

For step-by-step instructions, see the dropdowns below.

Test kit 1: 


Maintenance kit 2:


Procedure 2

Main two-year service (2 years) by authorized and certificated Schaller personnel only!

  • Service and test of complete Oil Mist Detector installation incl. software check and upgrade if necessary.

  • Replacement of mayor part kit for VN2020.

  • Service certificate to be approved by authorized personnel!

Please contact us for authorized personnel at:

Performed every 24 months or every 16 000 operating hours! (whatever comes first)

Test kit 1: 


Maintenance kit 3:


Procedure 3
  • Perform procedure 1 & procedure 2.
  • Replace measuring head or complete oil mist detector.

Please contact us for authorized personnel at:

Performed every 48 months or 32 000 hours! (Whatever comes first)


According to maker’s operation manual, an inspection of the entire OMD installation on board has to be executed by authorized service staff every 2-years or 16 000 operating hours – whatever comes first!

Below you will find the description of the necessary steps to perform maintenance on your Visatron VN2020 oil mist detector system.